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How will future generations judge our response to the greatest humanitarian crisis of our lifetime?

This is the question we must ask ourselves. It is the question central to The 19 Million Project.

The world has been riveted by  horrific images of  drowned children, crowded refugee camps and brutal police confrontations. Now, we have the opportunity to build on this wave of empathy and curiosity to tell the deeper story of the crisis — from the root causes of instability in the Middle East and Africa to the economic forces driving migration to the challenges faced by governments struggling to accommodate a massive influx of refugees.

Our goal is to bring together a cadre of journalists, designers, digital strategists, coders, and humanitarians from around the world to deepen our understanding of the crisis and develop innovative  ways to tell the story of the refugees that will keep the world’s attention laser focused on this issue.  Our first event — over an 11 day period in Rome in November — will combine a hackathon with an educational summit. Leaders from the field of “Design Thinking” will work with multidisciplinary teams to help participants break from traditional conventions of journalism and communications to develop radical new ways to share the narrative of the crisis.

We hope our work will spark a dialogue that will drive change on a global scale.

“We need a new kind of initiative, that brings together media and activist, to mobilize our resources and ignite change throughout the world; this will be The 19 Million Project.”

Mariana Santos, founder Chicas Poderosas

The Collaboration Between Media and Advocacy

The 19 Million Project is a program born from a collaborative effort between Chicas Poderosas and La Coalizione Italiana Liberta e Diritti (CILD). It is sponsored by the multi-platform media networks, Univision and Fusion.

Since the project’s recent inception, several organizations have joined forces to partner with The 19 Million Project: the Global Editors Network, Google, and the Berkeley Advanced Media Institute .

We believe that by bringing together media and advocacy to tackle this global crisis our impact will be greater and produce real, tangible outcomes.

An Age of Unprecedented Mass Displacement

The 19 Million Project takes its name from the estimated 19.5 million refugees who in recent years have been forcibly displaced worldwide as they’ve fled persecution, war, and conflict, risking their lives to provide a better life for their families.

“Global forced displacement has seen accelerated growth in 2014, once again reaching unprecedented levels. The year saw the highest displacement on record.” UNHCR Forced Global Trends Displacement in 2014

The fate of the ever-increasing “19 million” is the responsibility of a global community. We must act to do our part now.

“The current crisis of refugees is showing us how decisions based on stereotypes are still the common choice for many policymakers. We need a revolution in the stories we tell about migration: that’s what 19 Millions Project is for.”

Patrizio Gonnella, President of CILD

When & Where

We will convene in Rome, Italy beginning 2 November 2015 and culminate on 13 November 2015 at the La Coalizione Italiana Liberta e Diritti Civili Human Rights Awards ceremony.

LUISS ENLABS The Startup Factory

Activities and the team project development will take place at the inspiring,  LUISS ENLABS-The Startup Factory, located at via Giovanni Giolitti 34, 00185 Roma starting 2 November through 12 November.

On 13 November all delegates will convene for the  La Coalizione Italiana Liberta e Diritti Human Rights Awards ceremony, with  Anthony Romero, the executive director of American Civil Liberties Union as our guest of honor. We will showcase the final team projects and award one prize for the most outstanding project. This special event is to be held starting at 18:00 at the Open Colonna, Palazzo Delle Esposizioni, Scalinata di via Milano 9A Roma.

148 people representing 27 countries.

Graphic by @rusosnith