#TalkingInclusion, a space to discuss migration, inclusion and media narratives


With migration and refugee flows taking center stage in world affairs, spaces to discuss these processes and their consequences with a focus on humans and integration are more and more needed. That’s why, after participating in the 6 Degrees citizen forum last September, we teamed up with them to keep the conversation going – this time, online.

#TalkingInclusion is a space to exchange ideas and reflect on about issues related to migration, inclusion, diversity, world affairs and media narratives, through online talks that are lived streamed and published on Youtube. We’ve held four talks with panelists from different fields – journalists, activists, photographers, filmmakers, coders -, from different origins and residing in different countries, from Argentina to England.

So far, we’ve discussed these topics:


#TalkingInclusion 1: Jumping to Trumpclusions? Inclusion under Trump


Ahmed Shihab-Eldin, journalist at AJ+

Rafa Fernández, journalist at Fusion


Belén Arce Terceros, The 19 Million Project

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#TalkingInclusion 2: What about the refugee crisis?


André Naddeo, photojournalist and founder of Drawfugees

Paula Schwartz, Co-Founder of Migration Hub Network and,


Alain Pescador, 6 Degrees

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#TalkingInclusion 3: Viviendo vidas nómadas: experiencias de migración en América Latina (in Spanish)


Vania Ruiz, Casa Refugiados from México

Martin Szyzlican and Mauricio Viola, creators of Wiki for Refugees

Silvia Viñas, producer at Radio Ambulante


Luisa Ortiz Pérez, The 19 Million Project

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#TalkingInclusion 4: Migration through the gender lens


Maytha Alhassen, journalist and artist

Paola Mendoza, filmmaker and Women’s March organizer


Sana Malik, This is WorldTown


We recently added a new partner, This is WorldTown, and want to engage more and more people in the conversation!

If there is a topic you would like to discuss, if you want to participate in one of our sessions, want to help us spread the word, have any questions or comments, please email us at or send a tweet using #TalkingInclusion

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