Are We Jumping to Trumpclusions?


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These are times to talk about what President Trump (PT) is doing, not about what he should be doing, says Ahmed Shihab-Eldin, from AJ+ in a provoking web chat organized by 6 Degrees (Link) and the (19MM) project, moderated by Belén Arce Terceros.

Rafael Fernández, from Fusion, questions the definite challenges the newly elected US President faces with his campaign promises and vitriolic rethoric on anti-immigration.

To criminalize immigration and to propagate unclear policies has become Trump’s weapon. His justifications for impulsive, arbitrary and extreme policies are based on imprecisions.

However, the press and the news media outfits have the responsibilty to call out the deflecting, obfuscating and vilifying acts of power, insists Rafael.

The role of the media is to point out examples, sucess stories that challenge and push back reductive narratives propagated by PT. “It is not about political bickering and policy. It is about accountability”, remarks Ahmed, reflecting on the normalization of racism and xenofobia.

A “Watergate” must be in the making, Fusion’s Rafel affirms. “This is a time to move away from the dictatorship of the click and call PT on his unconstitutionality and false claims”.

The US and International media are at odds with PT, who has been using social media to circumvent them, accusing them of fake news outlets.

Ahmed calls the present era as the lack of political correctness, challenging American democracy. His solution is to ‘be real’ about how the media will be able to survive. He invites the media to be nimble, transparent, sticking to the facts, setting aside objectivity and impartiality.

When asked about the role of civil society combating PT’s  policies, Rafael recalls President Bush’ eight years. He qualifies them as a time where defending the rights tht had been conquered was essential.

“A lot of harm can be done in 4 years, imagine what can happen in eight, if PT is reelected”.

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