The 19 Million Project Lands On Vatican Radio


Since the early days of his Papacy, Pope Francis has made spreading compassion for refugees and migrants a key priority. This September, as Europe’s refugee crisis spiraled, he announced the Vatican would house two refugee families in its parishes—and he called on religious communities across Europe to follow his lead. “May every parish, every religious community, every monastery, every sanctuary of Europe, take in one family,” he told a crowd at St. Peter’s Square. The edict was an unusually specific request for tangible aid and assistance that went beyond his usual calls for empathy and compassion for the poor.

On Monday, Vatican Radio, the official radio network of the Pope, interviewed Fusion’s Mariana Santos (pictured above right) about The 19 Million Project. The radio network airs in roughly 40 languages on 5 continents. Its programming is rebroadcast on 1,000 stations worldwide. Mariana, Fusion’s Interactive Director and the founder of Chicas Poderosas, appeared on a weekly program called “The Pilgrims of Faith and Hope” hosted by Ukrainian journalist Svitlana Dukhovych (above left). The first broadcast of the interview is in Ukrainian, but it may be translated to other languages. The interview is available here.

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