Benvenuto a Roma! Day 1: Introduction to Design Thinking with IDEO’s Sina Mossayeb and Ed White


You made it. Welcome!

The 19 Million Project officially kicks off this morning at Luisse EnLabs, an incubator space for startups. What brings us here today is our shared concern over the future of more than 19 million refugees that have fled war, conflict and persecution in the past year, creating the largest wave of human migration in recorded history. As journalists, developers, designers and members of the human rights community, our goal over the next eleven days is to develop compelling and creative ways of sharing the human stories behind the crisis that will keep this story in the public eye—and drive global leaders to pay attention.

This week, we’ll begin work with two extraordinary thinkers who will inspire us to reimagine how we approach our roles as journalists and storytellers: Sina Mossayeb and Ed White, both of whom work at IDEO, one of the world’s most innovative design firms. (They are here on their own this week, not officially representing IDEO.)  Sina and Ed are experts in the field of “design thinking” –a unique creative process for problem solving that helps people and groups break out of conventional thought patterns to develop radical new solutions to problems. Over the next eleven days, we’ll be applying the principles of design thinking to journalism and communications to develop creative new ways of sharing the story of the refugee crisis.

Here’s a bit more about our leaders, cribbed from their official bios:

Sina MossayebSina Mossayeb is a global System Design Lead at IDEO with a focus on social impact and organizational change.   Sina has helped organizations re-imagine themselves in the future. He has spent a considerable amount of time working with IDEO’s education portfolio in thinking about systems level challenges. Recently, he co-founded an innovation studio with IDEO in Peru called La Victoria Lab (which addresses a portfolio of 28 companies). As a result he is also interested in work related to designing for ventures, innovation labs, and intrapreneurship.

Prior to IDEO, Sina worked as a director of innovation, researcher and university lecturer, and practitioner across the education, development, and government sector. He received a B.A. from UCLA and a Ph.D at Columbia University.

Ed WhiteEd White is a senior editor in IDEO London’s studio. Previously, Ed was the editor of   Contagious magazine, a quarterly print magazine and website for marketers dedicated to marketing innovation, consumer behaviour and emerging technology. He has worked with brands including including Nike, BBC, LVMH, Google, Diageo—and led innovation workshops to inspire marketers to come up with creative, non-traditional ways to engage people. He is a graduate of Courtauld Institute of Art, U. of London and Magdalen College School, Oxford.

Photography Jonathan Seitz

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